The Wolff Family

October 30, 2014

DSC_0934In early 2014, after visiting the Delaware Art Museum on Free Sundays and attending several Museum events with their friends, Jason and Susanne Wolff decided it was time for a Family Membership for two. Jason and Susanne—along with their daughters, Sophia and Alexis—loved that the Museum was so close to their home and that there were activities that appealed to each of them.

The whole family now regularly attends events such as Art is After Dark and the Member Previews. They’ve even made new friends at these events. The Museum has become so integral to the Wolff family’s life that Jason likes to jokingly refer to the Museum as a “one-stop shop” for education, entertainment, and social activities.

Jason and Susanne particularly enjoy taking evening strolls through the Copeland Sculpture Garden. They also love the events geared toward the whole family, such as Sunday Studio Series. “I love seeing so many children from the neighborhood attending classes,” Susanne says.

Their daughter Sophia—whom Susanne describes as a “budding artist”—recently attended Summer Art Camp, where she enjoyed making a clay sculpture that was half-giraffe, half-zebra. Since camp ended, Sophia has begun making more art with her grandmother, who is also an artist. Sophia now refers to these art-making sessions as “Camp Grandma.”

Sophia learned a great deal about the Museum’s collection during camp. When the family visits the Museum, her parents are impressed by how much Sophia knows. “Sophia is especially fond of The Council Chamber by Edward Burne-Jones,” Susanne says. “She loves that it’s based on Sleeping Beauty.” Sophia also loves contemporary art, such as Tunnel by Chul-Hyun Ahn and Riot by Deborah Butterfield, which she calls “the horse with a word in it.”

The Wolffs’ 5-year-old daughter Alexis was too young for camp this year but eagerly anticipates next summer when she will be old enough to create alongside her sister. For now, her favorite part of the Museum are Kids’ Corner and the Labyrinth.

The Wolffs take full advantage of their Member benefits by enjoying all the programs and activities the Museum has to offer. They also enjoy introducing friends to the Museum by inviting them for walks in the Sculpture Garden.

Thank you, Wolff family, for your Membership and for helping to spread the word about the Museum!

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