The Shorts

April 19, 2016


Donna and Bill Short

The Shorts moved to Wilmington in 2012 from Cecil County, Maryland. Bill, an assistant professor of history, and Donna, a benefits manager for the public schools, retired within walking distance of the Museum. They found the art museum-anchored neighborhood attractive and loved the nearby parks and amenities.

Having long been involved with arts-related activities and organizations in Maryland, Bill and Donna quickly joined the Museum after moving to Delaware. They had visited the Museum several times in the past and fondly recall viewing a documentary film many years ago about Edward Loper, Sr., which they watched alongside the artist.

Listing John Sloan as well as Mr. Loper as a few of their favorite artists, Donna says, “the attention to local and regional artists is central to the Museum’s charge. That’s a dimension we especially appreciate.” They believe the City of Wilmington and the region are much enhanced by the presence of the Museum as a cultural resource.

Since becoming Members, the Shorts have embraced the Museum’s Member programs and benefits, including Member previews, after-hours events, and special-interest programs. Most recently, they attended the preview party for Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art. Bill feels the Museum’s “eclecticism is a good thing.” And he particularly likes “the efforts to bring diversity to the [Museum’s] collection and events.” He hopes that the Museum will continue focusing on these efforts. “The broader the Museum’s outreach, the better,” he says.

One of their favorite things about the Museum is its manageable size and friendly ambiance. They occasionally walk around the Museum’s Copeland Sculpture Garden and always stop in the Museum Store when they visit, which Donna thinks is a fabulous place to pick up unique gifts and jewelry. Bill also enjoys the Museum Council’s Book Sale.

The Shorts are grateful that the Museum is open and accessible to everyone. They believe the Museum is doing great work and they want to see it continue.

We thank Bill and Donna for continuing to support the Museum!

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