Remembering Carol Jording

April 26, 2016

Carol Jording

The Delaware Art Museum recently lost one of its greatest friends and supporters—Carol Jording, beloved Library volunteer and Museum Council member.

Carol began volunteering in the Library in 2002, and quickly became indispensable.  As the only Library staff person I rely heavily on volunteers to assist me with day-to-day operations and special projects, but Carol’s work went above and beyond that of a typical volunteer. She would cheerfully and enthusiastically dive into any project or task and would not merely accomplish it—by the time she was finished she would be an expert on the subject.

In 2009 the Museum received the M.G. Sawyer Collection of Decorative Bindings, a collection of over 3,000 books.  Carol single-handedly cataloged the entire collection, learning about the different binding designers, cloth grains, and numerous design elements.  We shared a love for this collection and would often discuss our favorite book covers and designers.  Some of my fondest memories are of sharing in her excitement in discovering a previously undetected signature hidden in the design of a book cover or identifying a faint grain pattern stamped into the book cloth.

Anyone who had the pleasure of knowing or working with Carol can attest to what a wonderful person she was.  She was outgoing and affable, always smiling, and brought so much energy to everything she did.  She was a great friend, not only to the Museum but also to many of us who work here, and we miss her very, very much.  To honor her memory and her dedication to the Library and its collections, the Carol Jording Rare Book Acquisition Fund has been established, which will support the purchase of rare books for the Library’s Special Collections.


Rachael DiEleuterio

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