Dazzling dangle earringsDeborah Flanagan Jewelry

Hand Carved Jewelry – Deborah Flanagan’s designs are classic, modern, and minimalistic. Each piece is personally handcrafted and inspired by geometric shapes and their relationships to one another. Working directly with metal, Deborah fabricates her pieces from sterling silver wire or sheet metal. Using hammers, saws, heat and drills, she coaxes the metal into delicate pieces for adornments.

MarshL2Leslie Marsh

Book Arts/Eco Printing – Leslie is an artist and book binder whose work incorporates forged metal, found and collected elements, and vintage findings. Using centuries-old binding techniques, she forges the elements into book covers that hold nature-dyed papers. Leslie’s books are held in private collections across US, Europe, and Australia

StJeanS1Shirley St. Jean

Freshwater Pearl & Semi-precious stone Jewelry – A former Docent of the Delaware Art Museum, Shirley can be found at local museums offering her unique freshwater pearl and semi-precious stone jewelry. Using off-loom weaving and bead embroidery techniques, Shirley creates timeless and elegant jewelry as well as crystal ornaments and ornament covers.

AbstractC2Abstract Cats

Fiber Art – Ericka Downs started her home sewing business to have more flexibility after her daughter was born. Her original business included making curtains, pillows, hand bags, and wallets, and custom embroidery. With the introduction of her Abstract Cats line, her daughter often assists with making the kitties and marketing.

BIggsA3Anna Biggs Designs

Hand Carved Jewelry – Anna hand carves each silver and gold piece in her jewelry line using the lost wax process. A graduate of both The Rhode Island School of Design and The Fashion Institute of Technology, she incorporates her love of nature and architecture into each unique sculpture.

WARNERHAMMOCKK1Karyn Warner Hammock – Metal Aesthetics

Metal Aesthetics Jewelry & Mixed Metal Wall Art – A jewelry artist, clockmaker, and instructor, Karyn is inspired by nature and patterns. She works to bring texture and balance to her designs while still respecting the boundaries of keeping the materials functional. Reflecting a “jeweler’s touch,” precious gemstones and freshwater pearls find their way into many of her designs

CainM2Marguerite Cain

Fine Crocheted Jewelry and Accessories – Marguerite designs and crochets unique jewelry and accessories from fine cotton thread and glass beads. She incorporates design motifs found in nature, such as flowers, leaves, and vines. She also crochets miniature everyday objects, including food, animals, baskets, and pottery.

StyerJ1John A. Styer, The Lathe-meister

Turned Wood Heirlooms – John A. Styer creates his lathe-turned heirlooms using local wood species, and exotics from throughout the world. From Brazilian Rosewood to English Walnut, and from Cherry Burls to Poison Ivy vines, he brings the most visually appealing aspects of the wood to the surface by applying a sharp tool while it is rapidly spinning, creating myriad designs. His works range from aesthetically utilitarian to purely artistic.

MortonJ1Jane Kavanagh Morton

Ceramic Sculpture – Jane’s ceramic sculptures are reflections of her life, including a fascination with people, comforts of home, and a strong connection to her Irish roots. Jane’s works range from vases and vessels to small decorative houses and heads. They are created through the process of slab making and coil building and provides evidence of the handmade process.

ColasantiA2-2016Angela Colasanti of VIELA Jewelry

Sterling Silver Jewelry – Drawing on her love of delicate objects from land and sea, Angela designs and handcrafts jewelry. Her work accentuates the intrinsic beauty, grace, and elegance of its inspirational components and utilizes the interplay of form, texture, contrast, shape, and asymmetry.

IakomiI1Irina’s Original

Fiber Arts – Irina specializes in Nuno Felting shawls and scarves. Nuno is similar to painting or sculpting but with merino wool on hand-dyed silk. Her freeform crocheted vests and sweaters are original designs, and use a technique considered one of the most difficult in crocheting and knitting.

ButlerN2Nancy Butler of Alley Cat Jewelry Studios

Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry – A lifelong Delaware artist, Nancy designs and handcrafts one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry. She searches the country for unusual high quality beads for her necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. When designing jewelry, Nancy allows each piece to develop naturally, taking inspiration from the beads themselves. Her work features semi-precious stones, pearls, crystal, lamp-work, and Czech glass with accents made of sterling silver, vermeil, copper, base metal, and lead-free pewter.

NELSONJ3Joan Nelson

Hand Forged Silver Jewelry – Joan’s designs are formed from the shape of the stones or gems and exploring the depth, light, texture, and functionality. Creating functional jewelry, she makes aesthetic considerations with a practical approach.

TrepperB1Beth Trepper

Fine Art Photography – To Beth, creating photographic images is as natural as breathing. Her portfolio includes fine art, portraiture, fashion, landscape, and epicurean still lifes. Her style ranges from contemporary to vintage to playful. Influenced by Stieglitz, Kasebier, and Strand, Beth often uses natural light, a soft focus, and traditional film to create timeless photographs.

ValuckA2Amy Valuck

Stained Glass – An artist, designer, and master craftsman in stained glass, Amy combines an extensive background in restoration and conservation of historical stained glass with the design and production of new glass art. Her artwork uses traditional methods of glass painting and glazing, along with newer and more experimental techniques, such as fusing and lamination.

JenningsG1Gilda Jennings

Gemstone Jewelry & Accessories –Gilda works with natural materials and gemstones. She appreciates the beauty and natural variation in each piece and unique stones. She also explores materials such as paper, leather, and clay.

rosenblatf1Faith A. Rosenblatt

Unique Handcrafted Jewelry- Influenced by her love for the natural world, Faith’s inspiration comes from nature’s vibrant colors, sensuality, and movement. Using textures, patterns, and a variety of natural elements, she evokes the feelings of fun, elegance, and excitement of the changing seasons. Her unique, handcrafted, limited edition and custom designs are made with sterling silver, fresh water pearls, semi-precious gems, handmade glass, and Swarovski crystal.

keeseed1Diane Treacy Keesee

Hand-painted Silk Scarves – Diane has worked with many big names in the industry—from Broadway costume designers to authors and designers—to develop her silk dying artistry. Using her background in fine arts, photography, and culinary training, Diane experiments with her dyes, techniques, and designs. While Diane’s scarves beg to be worn, they can be beautiful as a framed work of art.

weinerd01Lisa Dadone-Weiner

Mosaic– A mosaic artist trained under Isaiah Zagar at Philadelphia Magic Gardens and in NYC at Unicorn Studio, Lisa’s work can be found on many walls in public and private installations. Her most recent work focuses on smaller wall decorations that include Hamsa hands, tennis rackets, wine bottles, hearts, and various other shapes. Many of her works are custom-made to reflect the buyer’s personality, hopes, dreams, and life experiences. Lisa will bring a wide variety of “giftable” works that will easily connect with many tastes.

jenkinsb1Robert Jenkins

Watercolor and Pencil– Robert is an award-winning artist from Chester County, PA. His watercolor paintings capture the beauty of the sublime, and have been featured throughout the country. His three-dimensional insect paintings amplify the details that are neglected in a two-dimensional image.