Latest Outlooks Exhibition Series Explores Life’s Fleeting Nature

WILMINGTON, DE (May 17, 2018) – From May 19-August 5, 2018, eleven nationally-recognized artists from the Mid-Atlantic region are featured in the Delaware Art Museum’s latest installment of the Outlooks Exhibition Series, Impermanence: Mystery, Transformation, Light. In this exhibition, impermanence—passing briefly into and out of existence—is an essential tenet of Buddhism revealed through dynamic abstract and realistic drawings. From their unique points of view, the artists use their drawings as symbols or metaphors which tell the story of lost innocence, fading memory, fleeting thoughts, or the drawing process itself.

Since its inception in 2008, Dr. Mary F. Holahan, Curator of Illustration and Curator of the Outlooks Exhibition Series has collaborated with the community to offer exhibitions which reflect their interests. Guest curated by artist Barbara Warden of Lewes, Delaware, Impermanence: Mystery, Transformation, Light features artists who view drawing as the basis of the creative process. “Drawing, for me, is a direct, spontaneous, and immediate experience,” says Warden. “A line is a mark of a fleeting moment and delivers its own sense of impermanence. I selected artists for this exhibition who clearly value line, texture, material, and surface.”

Artists featured in Impermanence: Mystery, Transformation, Light:

  • Sondra Arkin
  • Lisa Bartolozzi
  • Stephanie Chang
  • David D’Orio and Henrik Sundqvist
  • Ellen Durkan
  • Barbara Frank
  • Charles Guerin
  • Robyn Phillips-Pendleton
  • Michael Robear
  • Barbara Warden

For more information about the Outlooks Exhibitions Series and to schedule interviews, contact Ti Hall: 302-351-8558.