Letter from the Director

April 13, 2017

“Rarely am I prouder to be from Delaware than when I am at the Museum.” – Museum visitor

Each morning I pause to look at the visitor comment book next to the Museum Store. The above quote stopped me in my tracks a few months ago. In a few words, this anonymous visitor captured the essence of what our staff and volunteers are trying to achieve as we put together the Museum’s new strategic plan. The heart of this plan—which I look forward to sharing with you in the coming months—is how we position the Museum as a community resource while increasing national and international recognition for our renowned collections. Our unknown guest hit on both these points in their comment, which provides heartening evidence that our strategic planning is on the right track.

A quick glance at the visitor comment book also reveals that we are achieving our mission to connect people to art through our collections, exhibitions, and programs.

The cornerstone of the Museum’s mission is utilizing our astounding collection to educate audiences of all ages, including this scholar who recently visited: “Getting to see Rossetti’s Lady Lilith (which I’ve been writing about for a year as a PhD student) was life changing. Thank you!”

Another key part of our mission is to inspire creativity, such as this Delaware student whose work was featured in one of the Museum’s spring Art Smart Student Exhibitions: “I love how you put my masterpiece in the exhibition. Thank you for choosing my artwork.”

Education and art creation are vital to our mission, but equally as important is the Museum’s role as a place where people can gather, socialize, or quietly reflect. As one parent stated in the comment book, “My boy Kevin doesn’t like art but he likes it here.” Perhaps Kevin will someday appreciate art, but providing a space for Kevin to have an enjoyable experience with a loved one is just as special as an intimate visit with your favorite painting.

Why do you love coming to the Museum? Maybe you’re awe struck by a work of art or collection, or you have fond memories of childhood art classes, or perhaps you simply value our role as a local civic anchor and cultural beacon. I’d love to hear why the Delaware Art Museum is meaningful to you.

Whatever the reason, I thank you for caring about our work and supporting our mission. Everything we do is possible because Members and donors like you invest in our work.Thank you.

Artfully yours,

Sam Sweet
Executive Director & CEO

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