Kay and Bryan

October 8, 2014

IMG_5733Living within walking distance of the Delaware Art Museum has its perks. Just ask Kay and Bryan Keenan, who have lived in the neighborhood since 2001. This couple takes advantage of a great variety of the cultural offerings at the Museum each year, all just a quick walk from their home.

Kay and Bryan joined as Members of the Museum in 2004, three years after moving to Wilmington from Hockessin. Kay says that by that point, it was a matter of asking themselves, “Why aren’t we already Members?” Bryan agrees, “We realized we couldn’t just continue to rely on Free Sundays. It was time to join.”

Both think of the Museum as an important community builder. They saw proof of this in action when they participated recently in a Studio Art Class called iPhoneography. Playfully named, this one-day course was less about proper photography fundamentals and more about learning how to use the various apps on smartphones, using filters and effects to produce high-quality pictures. The Keenans met a couple during the class who were unfamiliar to them. Yet in the months since then, they run into each other all over town! As Kay says, “This is just another example of the Museum building community.”

Bryan’s biggest takeaway from the class? “Don’t use the zoom feature on the iPhone before taking a photo—it’s an electronic zoom so it will just make the photo blurry. You can edit and adjust the photo later through the apps.”
Each has their own favorite perk of being Members. In the 10 years since joining, they have become frequent attendees at Members Previews for special exhibitions. Bryan particularly likes how intimate the Museum feels, even surrounded by big crowds during exhibition openings. Kay’s favorite perk is the reciprocal benefits of Membership: the Keenans are big travelers and like to visit Museums in other cities. Kay loves getting free admission with these reciprocal benefits, knowing that she’s supporting her local Museum.

The Keenans are great advocates for the value of the Delaware Art Museum to this community, and we are so thankful that they help us spread this message. When asked what makes the Museum so special, Kay says “It’s so accessible.” Bryan agrees, saying that they love attending exhibition tours by the curators because “it’s obvious the curators take great joy in sharing their knowledge with the visitors.” As Kay sees it, “You never feel embarrassed around them by your lack of knowledge, but also always leave with a great wealth of new knowledge.”

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