Joseph McFetridge, Ceramics

April 19, 2016

Joe McFetridge

Joe McFetridge

What is your teaching philosophy?

My teaching philosophy and goal as an artist is to create an environment for my students to explore and express themselves through their art. I encourage dialogue and a sense of community to provide valuable critiques and constructive brainstorming. I love it when students utilize my instruction to solve problems, hone their skills, or stretch their creativity.

Why do you like teaching young artists?

I like teaching young artists and the young at heart because I value perspective, energy, and resiliency. I believe that empowering the next generation of young artists is important and necessary to shaping design, technique, and expression.

What made you want to be an artist?

I have always had a love for the arts since I was very young. My family, especially my grandmother, encouraged me to explore the arts, including painting, theater, and photography. I loved having long conversations with her about her favorite artists and I found myself often being inspired to create my own art.

What is your go-to tool in the studio? Why?

My go-to tool is an apron and a metal throwing rib. The apron is there because I am often making a mess and the metal throwing rib is an ideal universal tool for shaping and forming my ceramic pieces. I think both are essential to any ceramic artist looking to create a decorative piece without ruining their clothes!

Why do you like teaching at the Delaware Art Museum?

I like teaching at the Delaware Art Museum because it affords me the opportunity to meet new and aspiring artists. I constantly look forward to seeing their creative endeavors and find real joy in sharing my skills with them. The Museum is an ideal setting to step into the role of an artist surrounded by world-renowned works.

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