Painting in Plein Air with Gouache (2-day workshop)

June 15, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
$­­90 Members, $105 Non-Members
Painting in Plein Air with Gouache (2-day workshop)

A two-day workshop in painting outdoors with gouache (opaque watercolor). Techniques will include choosing a landscape composition, gouache paint handling, mixing a wide range of colors from a simplified palette, and creating textures for trees, grasses and other landscape elements.

Paint provided, students bring remaining supplies. All levels.
Instructor: Charley Parker

Supply List

  • Gouache paint will be provided for the workshop: Enough paint in the recommended “core palette” colors will be provided as needed on the workshop days. This will allow you to try working in gouache before making an investment in paint.
  • Other suggested materials:
    • Brushes: Short handled synthetic brushes labeled for mixed media or acrylic (stiffer than watercolor, not as stiff as oil)
      • 1/2 inch flat wash (or shader) – ideally, 2 of these (for dark and light colors)
      • 1/4 inch flat wash (or #6 or #8 flat shader) – ideally, 2 of these
      • #6 or #8 round – ideally, 2 of these
    • Paper: Heavy (140lb / 300gsm) watercolor or mixed media paper — hot press, vellum or cold press surface (not rough). A nice inexpensive choice is Strathmore Series 400 Mixed Media pads, 140lb, vellum surface.  Either 9×12” or 6×8”.
    • Palette or mixing tray: Watercolor palette or mixing tray with mixing area. You will need more mixing area than color wells.
    • Small spray bottle (mister) for keeping your palette wet.
    • Water containers: Water jar for rinsing brushes (a medium size plastic peanut butter jar works well), 3/4 full of water. It’s also nice to have a small jar (like a jam jar) for clean water. You might also want a little spice jar for holding brushes while you paint.
    • Sketchbook for initial sketch, & pencil or markers
    • Portable easel, pochade box, or other support for painting outside. The simplest arrangement is a small drawing board or lapboard and a folding chair. Try it at home to make sure it works for you. You may want a second chair or folding table to lean your board against.
    • Clips — Office clips or potato chip bag clips for holding your paper on your drawing board
    • Paper towels —You will only need a few
    • — Sunscreen, hat, snacks, drinks, or whatever you need for spending a few hours outside.
  • When buying your own gouache paint:
    • Some good brands are Winsor & Newton Designer’s Gouache, Holbein Artist’s Gouache and M. Graham Artists Gouache. The “core palette” as provided in the workshop (15ml tubes):
      • Ultramarine Blue
      • Cadmium Yellow Pale or Cadmium Yellow Light (not “Cadmium Yellow Light Hue”)
      • Perylene Maroon (Winsor & Newton), or Alizarin Crimson
      • Burnt Sienna
      • Phthalo Green (or Viridian)
      • Permanent White (Titanium White) – (37ml tube), you will use more white than other colors.