Expressionistic and Abstract Painting Techniques

June 22, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
$­­85 Members, $100 Non-Members
Expressionistic and Abstract Painting Techniques

Learn a variety of techniques using mark making and color application to explore the concepts behind non-representational painting.

30 minute lunch break. All levels.
Instructor: Eo Omwake

Supply List

  • Canvases or panels: bring enough surfaces to do 19 projects. For example: 20 6”x6” canvas boards, gessoed masonite boards, or canvasas.
  • Painting supplies: if you have experience, bring what you typically use. If new to painting, consider:
    • Assortment of brushes, such as small, medium, and large flat bristle brushes and round bristle brushes.
    • Cloth rags
    • Paint cups (no glass)
    • Disposable palette and palette knife
    • Painting medium (depending on type of paint)
    • Paints (either acrylic or water based oils:
      • Economic set: black, white and burnt umber
      • For a full set:
        • cadmium orange hue
        • cadium yellow hue
        • cadium red hue
        • ulramarine blue
        • black
        • white
        • burnt umber
        • permanent green
        • yellow ocre
        • raw sienna
        • Pthalo green or viridian green
        • purple / violet