2017: The Smith Family

Kids’ Corner Family-in-Residence: The Smiths

The Smiths

Introducing the Museum’s second resident family, the Smiths! Daniel, Elin, Lilly (age 17), Ida (age 13), and Lukas (age 8) are a creative and musical family from southern New Jersey.  In addition to being visual artists, the whole family is a part of the American rock band Danielson Famile.

Over the winter, the Smiths’ imagined an interactive three-dimensional story titled “Lenny the Ice Cream Man”.  The story unfolds throughout the space and families are invited to play a part.  Families can explore a play-ice cream truck set within a Wilmington neighborhood; contribute drawings to an ever-growing art gallery in exchange for imagined ice cream; recline on a pile of plush ice-cream-shaped pillows while looking up at painted clouds; and read the tale aloud from text written along a wall.  The story teaches children that creative ideas and art are valuable, empowering, and inspiring.

The Family-in-Residence program invites an artistic family to conceptualize, design, and create an interactive art installation in Kids’ Corner.  During the residency, the resident family collaborates with each other, Museum staff, and family visitors to construct the installation.