Kids’ Corner

Introducing the Museum’s third resident family, the Silvermans! Stephanie, Alexander, and Sophia (age 8) are Delawareans who are on a mission to activate each visitor’s creative potential by providing inspiring and accessible experiences with art in their Kids’ Corner installation, Creative Power!

Creative Power invites family visitors to imagine the possibilities and contribute their own artistic voice to a transforming interactive gallery space. Infinity mirrors, colorful stripes, kinetic sculptures, and a portrait gallery featuring influential artists and community members will empower visitors to experiment with ideas and create meaningful works of art. Throughout the installation, a variety of activities and a series of workshops led by the Silvermans will allow visitors to play with different art materials and explore the power of art.

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The new look of Kids’ Corner is made possible by Phyllis and Buddy Aerenson, The Pollyanna Foundation, and individual donors.