Diane Podolsky, Printmaking

February 2, 2016

Diane Podolsky_headshot_HRWhere are you from?

I am from lower Northeast Philadelphia. I was born there and have resided there most of my life.
What is your teaching philosophy?
I believe that making a mark is an empowering gesture. Printmaking is the ultimate form of mark making; however, there is often extensive and expensive equipment involved as well as numerous printmaking processes. I have developed some quick but very satisfying methods of printmaking so people can experience the medium without the expense and intensity of process normally required.

What is your favorite class to teach at the Museum?

I teach a Friday Night Print Social once a month. People have enjoyed being able to come and learn something that they can repeat at their own kitchen table. There is a wonderful energy and social nature to these workshops and I am thrilled to be able to offer them. We have also offered these workshops to groups as a work/team-building event.

What made you want to be an artist?

Oddly, I cannot really say. I didn’t train as an artist in the traditional sense. My academic background is in nonprofit management but I am a visual person and get ideas in my head that I just have to put on paper. There is also the urge to make a mark.

Podolsky_Dream Big_artwork_HRWhat is your go-to tool in the studio? Why?

My go-to tools are things that involve texture. Texture is a very important element for relief printing, which is the main type of printing I do. So if I am out and see something that I think would make a great mark, I pick it up and then experiment with it. Many of the Friday Night Print Socials are structured around the idea of printmaking.

Why do you like teaching at the Delaware Art Museum?

I have experienced a wonderful sense of belonging at the Delaware Art Museum. The Museum has an atmosphere of friendly accessibility and their programs are well thought out and welcoming.

How would you describe your own art?

Like many artists, I have more than one body of work. With the work I take to craft fairs (under the name AnniePod Press), my goal is to create an original work of art that brings joy to the viewer. It is also important to me to be able to offer that work at a reasonable price. Over the years I have created other bodies of work where the main focus tends to be natural history. One of the series I am most proud was called “Dirty Birds”, which includes a group of mixed media drawings depicting common urban birds in motion. The work was exhibited in 2004 and reviewed in the Philadelphia Inquirer. I have also created installations focused on birds and their native habitats.

For more information about the Delaware Art Museum’s Workshops and to see what Diane is offering this semester, click here.

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