David & Lucy Pollack

January 20, 2017

Dave & Lucy Pollack

Relocating from Connecticut, David and Lucy Pollack moved to Wilmington, Delaware in 2013. As recent empty nesters, the move and new lifestyle has been an adventure. David is quick to point out that at the start of this new life they “joined the Delaware Art Museum immediately.” Lucy enrolled in a one-day watercolor workshop and they have enjoyed attending exhibitions, lectures, and Member events ever since.

As newcomers to Wilmington, they “are amazed by how much there is to do.” What keeps them coming back to the Delaware Art Museum is its intimate size and it is one of the first places the Pollacks bring their out-of-town visitors. Lucy especially appreciates that every room has thoughtfully located seating to leisurely take in the beautiful artwork, while allowing less mobile visitors a chance to rest.

With backgrounds in art, Lucy and David have always made art a part of family life. While their kids may have felt ‘dragged’ to museums when they were very young, it gave them the opportunity to develop their own artistic passions and tastes. Now their children visit museums on their own when they travel. David is a private dealer in vintage posters and runs a gallery on King Street in Wilmington. Personally, David collects photography and modern art but lights up when he speaks about the historical moments his posters capture.

The Museum is fortunate to welcome the Pollacks to the area and to be an accessible place for their family to find value and inspiration.

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