Table Of Contents

Danielle Rice

Heather Campbell Coyle and Margaretta S. Frederick

Introduction: Perspectives on Pyle
Heather Campbell Coyle

Pyle as a Picture Maker 
James Gurney

Howard Pyle and the Arthurian Legends 
Alan Lupack and Barbara Tepa Lupack

Gunpowder Smoke and Buried Dubloons: Adventure and Lawlessness in Pyle’s Piratical World 
Anne M. Loechle

Composing American History: Pyle’s Illustrations for Henry Cabot Lodge’s “The Story of the Revolution”
Heather Campbell Coyle

Catalysts and Concepts: Exploring Pyle’s References to Contemporary Visual Culture 
Margaretta S. Frederick

 “The Bitter Delight”: Howard Pyle and the Swedenborgian Faith 
Mary F. Holahan

The Gender of Illustration: Howard Pyle, Masculinity and the Fate of American Art
Eric J. Segal

Teaching Storytelling 
Joyce K. Schiller

Inspiring Minds: Howard Pyle and His Students 
Virginia O’Hara

Chasing the Muse: Norman Rockwell and the Legacy of Howard Pyle 
Stephanie Haboush Plunkett

The Persistence of Pirates: Pyle, Piracy, and the Silver Screen
David M. Lubin