Cathie Scarborough

November 16, 2016

Cathie Scarborough is a Museum Member, volunteer, and active Museum Council member. She is also one of the Museum’s biggest ambassadors.

“I always tell my friends that they really ought to go to the Museum,” Cathie says. “Regardless of what you’re interested in, you will find something that appeals to you.”

But Cathie, a native New Yorker who moved to Delaware with her family in 1969, hasn’t always been an avid Museum supporter. She had a passion for art—even minoring in fine arts while attending St. Lawrence University—but her two children kept her busy. Once they were grown she decided it was time to get involved in the local arts scene.

Cathie found her connection to the Delaware Art Museum through another of her other passions: tennis. Judy Sullivan, a player at Cathie’s tennis club, told her about the Museum and its ambassador group, the Museum Council. Judy, a former Museum Council President, asked Cathie to join the Museum and become a volunteer for the Council.

Ten years later Cathie continues to be a dedicated member of the Council, where she acts as Day Chair for the Council’s bi-annual Holiday House Tour. She also works in the Museum’s Helen Farr Sloan Library and Archives a few times a month and is always on call to volunteer for Museum special events. She proudly states, “Through this work and other work for the Council, I have recruited most of my bridge club as volunteers for the Council and the Museum.”

Cathie is constantly impressed by the large number of attendees drawn to the Museum’s after-hours events. She’s volunteered for a few recently that had 1,000 people or more, including the Noche de Carnaval event and the Connected Series’ Hispanic Heritage Fiesta. She often greets or assists with check-in at special events and then stays after her shifts to enjoy the festivities. “The programming of those events has been pretty wonderful,” she said.

Cathie also recently attended the first-ever Members Appreciation Picnic and thought the event and food were fabulous. She’s thrilled that Toscana has taken over the Museum’s catering and mentioned that Chef Dan Butler operating one of the tasting stations at the most recent Members’ Preview was a special treat. Now when she tells her friends to visit the Museum she has one last recommendation: “Make sure you plan to stay for lunch!” she says.

Cathie Scarborough

Cathie Scarborough

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