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David & Lucy Pollack

January 20, 2017

Relocating from Connecticut, David and Lucy Pollack moved to Wilmington, Delaware in 2013. As recent empty nesters, the move and new lifestyle has been an adventure. David is quick to point out that at the start of this new life they “joined the Delaware Art Museum immediately.” Lucy enrolled in a one-day watercolor workshop and they have enjoyed attending exhibitions, lectures, and Member events ever since. As newcomers to Wilmington, they “are amazed by how much there is to do.” What keeps them coming back to the Delaware Art Museum is its intimate size and it is one of the…

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Cathie Scarborough

November 16, 2016

Cathie Scarborough is a Museum Member, volunteer, and active Museum Council member. She is also one of the Museum’s biggest ambassadors. “I always tell my friends that they really ought to go to the Museum,” Cathie says. “Regardless of what you’re interested in, you will find something that appeals to you.” But Cathie, a native New Yorker who moved to Delaware with her family in 1969, hasn’t always been an avid Museum supporter. She had a passion for art—even minoring in fine arts while attending St. Lawrence University—but her two children kept her busy. Once they were grown she decided…

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The Shorts

April 19, 2016

The Shorts moved to Wilmington in 2012 from Cecil County, Maryland. Bill, an assistant professor of history, and Donna, a benefits manager for the public schools, retired within walking distance of the Museum. They found the art museum-anchored neighborhood attractive and loved the nearby parks and amenities. Having long been involved with arts-related activities and organizations in Maryland, Bill and Donna quickly joined the Museum after moving to Delaware. They had visited the Museum several times in the past and fondly recall viewing a documentary film many years ago about Edward Loper, Sr., which they watched alongside the artist. Listing…

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Brice Hunt

April 7, 2016

We recently welcomed Brice Hunt as a new Member of the Museum. A high school senior, Brice is the first person to earn her Membership as part of the new volunteer benefits program at the Museum. The program grants Individual Membership status to volunteers who have volunteered eight or more times at the Museum. Brice first discovered the Museum seven years ago when her family moved back to the United States after living in China. It immediately became her favorite place to visit. She came to the Museum as a Summer Art Camper, and when she became too old to…

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The Bretzger Family

April 15, 2015

When Bill Bretzger and Philinda Mindler moved to the area 16 years ago, they joined the Museum almost immediately. Bill and Philinda, who live about a mile from the Museum, first brought their daughter Sascha—now a teen—to the Museum when she was still in an infant carrier. The couple has always enjoyed visiting museums, even before they had kids. But now, says Philinda, “it’s a big part of what we do as a family.” Even though Bill is a busy professional photographer, the family still finds time to visit the Delaware Art Museum. These days, their nine-year-old son, Jamie, is…

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The Wolff Family

October 30, 2014

In early 2014, after visiting the Delaware Art Museum on Free Sundays and attending several Museum events with their friends, Jason and Susanne Wolff decided it was time for a Family Membership for two. Jason and Susanne—along with their daughters, Sophia and Alexis—loved that the Museum was so close to their home and that there were activities that appealed to each of them. The whole family now regularly attends events such as Art is After Dark and the Member Previews. They’ve even made new friends at these events. The Museum has become so integral to the Wolff family’s life that…

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Kay and Bryan

October 8, 2014

Living within walking distance of the Delaware Art Museum has its perks. Just ask Kay and Bryan Keenan, who have lived in the neighborhood since 2001. This couple takes advantage of a great variety of the cultural offerings at the Museum each year, all just a quick walk from their home. Kay and Bryan joined as Members of the Museum in 2004, three years after moving to Wilmington from Hockessin. Kay says that by that point, it was a matter of asking themselves, “Why aren’t we already Members?” Bryan agrees, “We realized we couldn’t just continue to rely on Free…

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