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Kristin Landon

October 12, 2016

How did you become interested in metal as an art form? I took a class 12 years ago with Maggi DeBaecke at the Delaware Art Museum and immediately fell in love with silver. She showed me how to take a sheet of metal and turn it into a 3-D form. I was fascinated when I saw a hollow-form piece taking shape. I constantly work to expand my knowledge, by attending workshops and learning from the masters of this amazing art form. Where do you find inspiration when creating your jewelry? Architecture and found objects (junk) really interest me. I love…

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Joseph McFetridge, Ceramics

April 19, 2016

What is your teaching philosophy? My teaching philosophy and goal as an artist is to create an environment for my students to explore and express themselves through their art. I encourage dialogue and a sense of community to provide valuable critiques and constructive brainstorming. I love it when students utilize my instruction to solve problems, hone their skills, or stretch their creativity. Why do you like teaching young artists? I like teaching young artists and the young at heart because I value perspective, energy, and resiliency. I believe that empowering the next generation of young artists is important and necessary…

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Diane Podolsky, Printmaking

February 2, 2016

Where are you from? I am from lower Northeast Philadelphia. I was born there and have resided there most of my life. What is your teaching philosophy? I believe that making a mark is an empowering gesture. Printmaking is the ultimate form of mark making; however, there is often extensive and expensive equipment involved as well as numerous printmaking processes. I have developed some quick but very satisfying methods of printmaking so people can experience the medium without the expense and intensity of process normally required. What is your favorite class to teach at the Museum? I teach a Friday…

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Eo Omwake

October 6, 2015

What made you interested in becoming a painter? I’m not sure what got me started but I remember when I was in second grade the teacher hung a drawing I did on the cork board and it really made me feel good; I felt like I was special somehow. A year later we moved to Chadds Ford next door to the Wyeths. I became best friends with Jamie Wyeth and spent a lot of time in their house. I loved seeing that Andy was a grown-up and still making art. What is your favorite subject matter to paint? I don’t…

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Kathleen Buckalew

July 22, 2015

What made you interested in becoming a photographer? I’m from Wilmington, Delaware, born and raised! I lived in Washington, DC, for 13 years before returning. I’ve been taking pictures since I was 12 years old, when my godmother gave me an Instamatic camera. I’ve been the family historian ever since. What is your favorite subject or location to photograph? I love photographing a lot of different things: architecture, landscapes, events, portraits, still lifes. I’ve become totally enamored with iPhoneography and using different photo apps. I also do infra-red photography and light painting. I like photographing various local festivals, the Longwood…

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Kate and Sam Mylin

March 31, 2015

Where are you from? KM – I grew up in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, in a little town called Hawley near Lake Wallenpaupack. I went to Kutztown University (Kutztown, PA) and moved to Lancaster County in 1989. SM – (my mother, har har) Seriously, I was born in Reading, PA and grew up and lived inWillow Street, PA. What is your teaching philosophy? KM – A child’s work is play. Blooming happens and is fun to encourage. I look at teaching more like guided experiences where I have a project in mind but the individual children bring their bag…

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Jacqueline Jrolf

October 30, 2014

Where are you from? I’m originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I received a BFA from UW-Milwaukee, lived in Italy for a year (Venice and Trevi) and then came to Pennsylvania, where I received my MFA from Tyler School of Art. I’ve been teaching ceramics for 18 years. What is your teaching philosophy? It’s simple: give students the technical information they need to create thought-provoking art and combine that with gentle guidance to help them achieve their goals. What is your favorite class to teach? The Joy of Clay Date: Throwing class is especially fun. The students have developed an esprit de…

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Caryn L. Hetherston

October 8, 2014

Caryn Hetherston is dedicated to making wearable art! As a metalsmithing instructor, Caryn has been sharing this dedication with her students at the Museum for the past six years. As an artist, she is fascinated by the fact that metal is a hard and durable material but can also appear fluid and graceful. She loves to combine precious metal with more humble materials such as wood and rusted iron. In her work, the coolness of silver with a touch of warmth from gold combines with more organic materials to challenge a viewer’s traditional concept of jewelry. Caryn’s favorite tool in…

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