Caryn L. Hetherston

October 8, 2014

Caryn_PhotoCaryn Hetherston is dedicated to making wearable art! As a metalsmithing instructor, Caryn has been sharing this dedication with her students at the Museum for the past six years.

As an artist, she is fascinated by the fact that metal is a hard and durable material but can also appear fluid and graceful. She loves to combine precious metal with more humble materials such as wood and rusted iron. In her work, the coolness of silver with a touch of warmth from gold combines with more organic materials to challenge a viewer’s traditional concept of jewelry.

Caryn’s favorite tool in the studio is the torch. She knows that if she can get her students to master the art of soldering two pieces of metal together, then everything will be easy after that. She teaches Beyond Beginner and Intermediate level classes and workshops and helps students take their skills and designs to the next level. In the fall, Caryn will teach Beyond Beginner Jewelry Making and Texture and Dimension. She is also introducing an exciting new class with fellow instructor Kristin Landon called Forging and Forming Techniques. In this class, students will learn to make their metal move in unexpected ways.

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