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Planning Your Estate

One of the most important things you can do for yourself and those you care about is to plan your legacy thoughtfully. No matter what your net worth, a current will and other estate planning documents are key to providing security for you and your family’s future.

Thoughtful planning can also ensure that your assets are ultimately distributed as you intend. We hope that you will join many other lifetime donors to the Delaware Art Museum that have decided to follow in the footsteps of Helen Farr Sloan by continuing to support our Mission through a legacy gift. A legacy gift allows you to enhance the work of the Museum in perpetuity, ensuring that we continue to connect people to art, preserve community treasures, and generate creative energy for future generations.

Legacy Gifts in Action

  • Donated pieces of art have broadened and enhanced the scope of the collection. More than 80% of the Museum’s art has been acquired through gifts.
  • Special exhibitions of world-renowned artists have been brought to the region.
  • Children have been provided the opportunity to experience the thrill of visiting the Delaware Art Museum.
  • Works of art in the collection and historical materials in the Helen Farr Sloan Library & Archives have been conserved.

Join Our Legacy Society

Membership in the Delaware Art Museum’s Helen Farr Sloan Legacy Society is extended to all individuals and their significant others that have:

  • Included the Museum as beneficiary in a will or living trust;
  • Named the Museum as beneficiary of a life insurance policy, retirement plan, or charitable trust;
  • Set up an endowment to support the Museum in perpetuity; or
  • Promised a future gift of art to the Museum.

Legacy Society Members receive the following benefits:

  • Invitations to attend special Legacy Society and Museum events; and
  • Listing as a Legacy Society Member in Museum publications.
If you have already included the Delaware Art Museum in your legacy plans, we would like to have the opportunity to thank you for your generosity and to invite you to join the Helen Farr Sloan Legacy Society. If you prefer to remain anonymous, be assured that we will honor your wishes and respect the confidential nature of your gift.

Members of the Helen Farr Sloan Legacy Society

Ms. Bernice D. Abrams *
Ms. Virginia M. Alexander *
William and Margo Allman
Mr. Ralph Assheton *
Janet L. Autenrieth
Mr. Richard W. Ayres *
Ms. Betty H. Bancroft *
Ms. Mary R. Bancroft *
Ms. Jane G. Banning *
Mona and Tim Bayard
Mrs. Norma Benator *
Mr. George P. Bissell, Jr. *
Mr. Donald W. Booker *
Mr. James Calhoun *
Mrs. Donald F. Carpenter *
Mrs. Bertha Bates Cole *
Dr. Karen Weaver Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Gerret van S. Copeland
Mr. Lammot du Pont Copeland, III *
Mrs. Pamela C. Copeland *
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Coppage *
Mrs. Anna S. Cox *
Mrs. Maryalice M. Cregg*
Mr. Percy W. Darbyshire *
Mr. Frank J. DelleDonne *
Mrs. Edith K. DeShazo *
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. DeWees, Sr.
Mr. Eleuthere I. du Pont *
Ms. Emily du Pont*
Mary Page and Tom Evans
Mr. Charles E. Farr*
Mrs. Harriet D. Fenn*
Mrs. Mary C. Fenn*
Mr. Isaac B. Finkelstein*
Adair B. Gould*
Stuart and Suzanne Grant
Mr. Charles E. Griffith*
Ms. Jessie Harrington*
Ms. Lucie B. Hickman*
Ms. Carrie Hoffecker*
Dr. Howard E. Holmquist *
Mr. John F. Horty, Jr.*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Gayle Hoskins
Alice B. Hupfel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Immesberger
Ms. Catherine C. Irving*
Ms. Janice V. Jessup
Ms. Alice D. Johnson*
Ms. Marion F. T. Johnson*
Johannes R. and Betty P. Krahmer
Ms. Mary R. C. Laffey*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Ellason Laird Downs
Ms. Mary B. Larchar*
Ms. Marian C. Lepper*
Ms. Nannie V. Longfellow*
Mrs. Edwin C. E. Lord, Jr.*
Mrs. Marion Miller Lowndes *
Ms. Ada W. Manning*
Christine S. and William F. Marks
Mr.* and Mrs.* Joseph Y. Miller
Miss Constance Moore *
Mrs. Eleanor C. Nichols *
Dr. Donald C. Pease *
Mr. and Mrs. James Keith Peoples
Mrs. Irene C. Ponsell *
Donald J. Puglisi and Marichu Valencia
Howard Pyle and Victoria M. Sheffield
Ms. L. Victoria Pyle *
Michael Resnick
Mrs. Eugenia Rhoads *
Danielle Rice
Maxine and Jay Rosenthal
Ms. Carol S. Rothschild
Brian M. Sagrestano, JD, CFRE
Joan L Sharp, CFP®, RLP®, MSFS
Lynn Herrick Sharp and Rodney Sharp
Mrs. Helen Farr Sloan*
Mrs. Pauline M. Stott*
Mrs. Anne Warner West *
Ms. Ellen D. Wheelwright*
Mrs. John Wigton
Peggy Woolard
Miss Betty E. Yoho*


Helen Farr Sloan

Helen Farr Sloan (1911-2005) nurtured a special relationship with the Delaware Art Museum that began in 1961 and continued throughout her life. An artist and art teacher, she became a formidable patron of the arts as the widow of John Sloan (1871-1951), an artist renowned for his realistic images of turn-of-the-century New York City. Through her dedication to the arts and her quiet generosity, she created a most remarkable profile as an American philanthropist. Following the death of her husband, she devoted herself to disseminating the artist’s estate, turning it into an exceptional philanthropic instrument to serve local, regional, national, and international arts constituencies.

For the benefit of the Delaware Art Museum, Helen Farr Sloan donated or aided in the acquisition of more than 5,000 works, including the preeminent collection of the art of John Sloan with virtually every aspect of his career represented. In addition, her $6.8 million bequest played a crucial role following the Museum’s expansion, allowing us to offer additional art education programs for the community. Although Helen is no longer with us, today and every day she introduces art to children from all walks of life, creating the next generation of art patrons.


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Learn More

Please contact us for more information about ways to become a Helen Farr Sloan Legacy Society Member, or to inform us that you have included the Museum in your plans. We thank you for considering a legacy gift to support the future of the Delaware Art Museum.

Molly Giordano
Director of Development & Marketing
Direct line: 302.351.8515

This information is for educational purposes only. Please consult your attorney or advisor for specific legal advice.