Wendy Hatch

wendyWendy Hatch and her husband Denison have been neighbors and dedicated supporters of the Delaware Art Museum for over 30 years. Wendy also teaches a Studio Art watercolor class at the Museum.

Why did you choose to get involved with the Delaware Art Museum?

I’ve always been an artist. Museums have always been a part of our lives. We were drawn to this neighborhood by the Museum, and have lived in this neighborhood the whole time we’ve lived in Wilmington.

The Museum is a good neighbor. It brings together the public with its varied rotation of exhibitions that appeal to many levels of our community. And the excellent permanent collection reflects the history of Wilmington.

Tell me more about teaching at the Museum.

I love working with the students in the Studio Art Classes. They are a community-minded group, and many have become friends. These classes are a respite for so many of my students: a break from their hectic lives. They say, “This is the best part of my week.”

Why do the arts matter to our region?

Our City of Wilmington understands the importance of the arts. The Delaware Art Museum, the DCCA, the Delaware Theatre Company, the Grand, and now the Queen—that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our community is more attractive to businesses and attracts sophisticated, cosmopolitan residents because it has a strong emphasis on the arts.

How would you introduce the Museum to a potential Member?

I think the best way to introduce new people to the Museum is by bringing them here. The location is so convenient and comfortable, in this beautiful residential setting. And the exhibition offerings are diverse: there is always something for everyone. Once they get on the Museum’s mailing list, they’ll find out that there’s a world of activities for everyone from seniors to busy families to young adults.