Richard and Stacie Immesberger

immesbergersRich and Stacie Immesberger and their children, Kate and Jack, recently moved from Charlotte, North Carolina, to a house on Kentmere Parkway and became neighbors of the Delaware Art Museum. Rich is Executive Vice President of Trust and Wealth Management at WSFS, and was elected to the Museum’s Board of Trustees in October. He signed his family up for Benefactor-level Membership almost immediately upon moving in to their new home.

How did you become involved with the Museum?
Rich: On move-in day, everything was boxed up and the kids were looking for something to do. A neighbor walked by and said the Museum was serving ice cream, which sounded perfect on a hot summer day. It turned out to be a Member event, so we became Members and enjoyed a lot of ice cream. We’ve been coming back almost every weekend since. That night, I remember seeing the Turrell lights for the first time. I love that the Museum uses its building as art.

Stacie: Kate found a book in the Museum Store about American art. She constantly flips through it and compares pieces. It’s interesting to watch what speaks to her on any given day. Both kids just enjoy exploring, especially the Sculpture Garden, the latest exhibits, and Kids’ Corner. We often go just to read one of the great art-related books. In one of our favorites a girl jumps into her sister’s drawing to untangle the scribbles she drew on it. I want my kids to jump in and color outside the lines in that way.

How would you describe the Museum to potential Members?
Stacie: The word “museum” can carry unfortunate connotations—aloof, staid, and removed. The Delaware Art Museum breaks those paradigms with an eclectic mix of programming, so art feels accessible and relevant. The variety keeps you coming back. From pop art to the large Pre-Raphaelite collection or illustrators bringing a story to life, from a Day of the Dead exhibit to chamber music, this is a living institution with something different around every corner.

Rich: Kate has become a budding artist. Her favorite painting is the Howard Pyle illustration of Princess Katherine of France in a long red gown, partly because they share the same name! The Museum ignites our children’s imagination, and as Members, we frequently just drop by for a short visit. Seeing their reaction to art helps me understand and relate to them on many levels.

Why do you support the Delaware Art Museum?
Stacie: Art provides a language, a means to communicate which spans and celebrates our differences.

Rich: Every society can be measured by its support of the arts. The Museum is too much of a gem not to want to enjoy it and support it. It is a great neighbor, and having a strong arts scene is quite simply good for our community.