Michael Resnick

mikeAs a little boy, Museum Member Michael Resnick used to tell his parents that he wanted his own museum. So each time his father traveled for business, he always brought back an interesting item, like a fossil, to add to Michael’s collection. Eventually, Michael’s parents helped him install shelves in his room to display his treasures.

For the next several decades, Michael’s collection grew to include original comic book illustrations, horror movie paraphernalia, vintage toys, and other artworks featuring fantasy, fairies, and creatures. Although Michael’s meticulous collections are only on view in his Cherry Hill condominium, they will eventually come to the Delaware Art Museum.

Michael’s 20-year relationship with the Museum, and his appreciation for its unique collection of original illustrations, persuaded him to donate his entire collection of over 400 pieces of art through the Helen Farr Sloan Legacy Society. The Society recognizes individuals that have made provisions in their will for or provided a legacy gift to the Museum, supporting the work of the Museum into perpetuity to connect people to art, to preserve the community’s treasures, and to generate creative energy.

As a child, Michael’s parents “immersed” him in art and entertainment. From these experiences, Michael developed an imaginative curiosity and passion for collecting everything from comic book art to old movie posters. By sharing his collections with the public, Michael hopes to ignite a similar passion in future generations.

“Maybe this will spark other people to want to collect or get people to realize that comics and this type of artwork is real, substantial art,” Michael said. “Years ago, we never thought of this stuff as art. We just thought it should be thrown away after it was created.”

Thanks to his generous future gift, Michael’s collections of illustrations and selected other works will be preserved and enjoyed for years to come.

“In a way, it will be like having my own museum,” Michael said.