Catherine McCullough

mcculloughCatherine McCullough has supported the Delaware Art Museum for 15 years as a Member, a donor to the Annual Fund, and perhaps most importantly, as a volunteer Docent. We talked with her about her involvement with the Museum.

In 1994, Catherine’s husband James was transferred by DuPont from their home in Ireland. Catherine didn’t have a work visa, and the couple had three small children at home. It was difficult to meet friends. She would chat with fellow parents at the bus stop and then go home and wonder “What do I do now?” Lucky for us, we turned out to be the answer.

Her first visit to the Museum came when she chaperoned her daughter’s school trip. She was amazed to discover the Museum and fell in love with the sumptuous Pre-Raphaelites. A newsletter advertisement for volunteer docents caught her eye, and though she says she “knew nothing” about art history, she was eager for an outlet to teach.

The Museum’s Docent corps celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009 and Catherine now leads the group as its president. Catherine gives tours to school groups and adults and helps to facilitate visitors’ experiences with art. “People respond to the stories that go along with the artwork.” Her love of art was passed on to her daughters, who also enjoy visiting the Museum and believe in its educational mission.

Catherine would encourage anyone new to the area to get involved. “There is a lot of history in Wilmington, and the Delaware Art Museum can teach you about that history, not just the art. Getting involved is a great way to learn about the city.”

This summer, Catherine and James celebrated Art is Everywhere, the state-wide installation of Museum reproductions, by visiting each and every location throughout Delaware. “My husband and I took pictures of each other at each location. We started in Rehoboth Beach and made our way north.” People everywhere stopped them to ask about the program and the reproductions, and Catherine was, as always, a perfect ambassador. Thank you, Catherine!