Donor Portraits

For 100 years, generous donors, Members, and volunteers have dedicated their valuable time and money to the Delaware Art Museum. This generosity makes our exciting exhibitions, compelling programs and Studio classes, and entertaining events possible. And perhaps most importantly, support from individuals like the ones listed below helps the Museum protect and preserve art for future generations. These donor portraits represent just a few ways that an individual can help the Museum. Visit our Why Giving Matters page or contact Molly Giordano, Director of Development & Marketing, at or 302.351.8515 to learn how you can support the Museum you love.

cregg Maryalice Cregg made a very special gift to the Delaware Art Museum: she included the Museum in her will. With her family’s permission, we’re sharing her story.
helton_glazer Rebekah Helton and Alan Glazer are often spotted at signature events like Art is Social and Clay Date, we wanted to ask them some questions about what they like about our Museum.
mccullough Catherine McCullough has supported the Delaware Art Museum for 15 years as a Member, a donor to the Annual Fund, and perhaps most importantly, as a volunteer Docent. We talked with her about her involvement with the Museum.
peterson June Peterson has many roles in our community. She’s a fiber artist, a passionate environmentalist, and the widow of Governor Russell Peterson, Delaware’s governor from 1969 to 1973.
wendy Wendy Hatch and her husband Denison have been neighbors and dedicated supporters of the Delaware Art Museum for over 30 years. Wendy also teaches a Studio Art watercolor class at the Museum.
mike Michael Resnick is a passionate collector of original comic book illustrations, horror movie paraphernalia, vintage toys, and other fantasy artworks. Learn why he plans to donate all his beloved collections to the Museum.
hughes Madeleine Hughes is a local grandmother who began visiting the Museum with her grandchildren. Read about how the Museum brought these generations together.
delporte Lynn DelPorte is an avid arts supporter and one of the Museum’s dedicated docents. Discover how she connects the community with art.
schoonovers Louise Schoonover Smith and John R. Schoonover are grandchildren of Frank E. Schoonover, a well-known American artist. Louise and John, who are brother and sister, are not only Museum Members, but they have given the Museum an important collection of their grandfather’s work.
jennings Jerrol (Jerry) Jennings was a Texan who moved to Delaware in 2004. The Museum helped him find a community and an artistic outlet.
immesbergers Richard and Stacie Immesberger are the Museum’s next-door neighbors. Read about how their entire family has gotten involved in the Museum.