Outlooks Exhibition Series

The Delaware Art Museum’s Outlooks Exhibition Series encourages community involvement in the creation of exhibitions that will be hosted by the Museum. The Delaware Art Museum accepts proposals for Outlooks exhibitions from organizations, community groups, and residents of our surrounding area, contributing to the Museum’s mission of providing an inclusive and essential community resource.

All Outlooks exhibitions are displayed in the Ammon Galleries on the Museum’s second floor.

Assemblage: A Regional Collective of Women ArtistsMay 13, 2017 - September 3, 2017

Assemblage is a group of 17 women artists from the greater Philadelphia area. While the artists exhibit individually throughout the region, they work toward exhibiting collectively once a year. The artists work in various media and include the figure, animals, architecture, nature, and both realistic and abstract forms in their designs. Painting, printmaking, and drawing with bright colors and mon... Read More

FluiditySeptember 3, 2016 - February 12, 2017

Fluidity presents the work of Carla Lombardi, N. Sarangoulis, Libbie Soffer, and Valetta, whose paths have intertwined over the past several years in various collaborations and artistic projects. Through sculptural ceramics, found-object installations, watercolor, and pastel, these artists center their work on the intersection of universal hopes and fears—especially ones unique to women—with p... Read More

DualityMay 14, 2016 - August 14, 2016

This community-curated Outlooks exhibition explores collaborative life-work partnerships. Heather Moqtaderi, Philadelphia-based curator and teacher, developed the concept for the exhibition and invited four artist couples—Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius, Shoko Teruyama and Matt Kelleher, Heather and Hitoshi Ujiie, and Trefny Dix and Bengt Hokanson—to create new works for Duality. Their painting... Read More

Inside Out: Carol Tippit Woolworth, Catherine Drabkin, Pahl Alexander Hluchan, Colleen Randall, Daniel JacksonJanuary 23, 2016 - April 24, 2016

Regional artists Carol Tippit Woolworth, Catherine Drabkin, Pahl Alexander Hluchan, Colleen Randall, and Daniel Jackson explore the concept of “place”—physical, emotional, and spiritual—in their work, using a variety of media, including oil, acrylic, and gouache. To view large images and caption information, click below. [gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="5501,5502,5504,5505,5500"... Read More

Reconstructed Elements: Richard H. Bailey, Helen Mason, Stan SmoklerSeptember 5, 2015 - January 3, 2016

This community-curated exhibition features three regional contemporary sculptors. Richard H. Bailey, Helen Mason, and Stan Smokler will showcase works in media ranging from stone to steel to rubber. To view large images and caption information, click below. [gallery link="file" ids="4896,4897,4898"] ABOUT OUTLOOKS The Delaware Art Museum’s Outlooks Exhibition Series encourages community ... Read More

Layering Constructs: Margo Allman, Charles Burwell, Antonio PuriApril 11, 2015 - August 2, 2015

Part of the Outlooks Exhibition Series, this exhibition brings together three contemporary abstract artists who use layering in their work. The works range from emotional and geometric to organic and meditative. Allman has explored layering three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional surface, while Burwell’s multi-layered approaches to painting prompt reflections on the elasticity of time, spac... Read More

Portable Fire: A History of Match SafesSeptember 13, 2014 - March 15, 2015

In the mid-19th century, the small utilitarian cases made to hold the modern striking match evolved into an array of imaginative designs, inventive techniques, and seemingly endless subjects in miniature. Over 300 match safes—including 60 rare examples, and a broad selection mass-produced by the rapidly-developing technologies of the late 19th century—will be on view in this community-curated ... Read More

Transitions: The Brandywine Photo CollectiveMay 3, 2014 - August 10, 2014

The forms and moods of the natural world inspire the artists of the Brandywine Photo Collective, an informal group of regional photographers. Featuring 20 photographers from the Collective, this Outlooks exhibition showcases photographs that capture bright light and subtle shadow, the drifting of wind and water, and the human figure. Each image evokes an unfolding process or a brief moment in time... Read More

FiberNextFebruary 15, 2014 - April 13, 2014

FiberNext showcases a blend of spectacular and intimate works that reflect the lively state of fiber art by12 regional fiber artists. This exhibition will feature approximately 20 pieces that illustrate today’s most ingenious approaches to fiber-based materials, combining classic textile traditions with contemporary art and design to create multi-dimensional works of art. “Fiber art” typ... Read More

Recognition: Artists of the Delaware Foundation for the Visual ArtsJuly 21, 2013 - October 13, 2013

The Delaware Foundation for the Visual Arts was founded in 1980 by three artists to augment art education for Delaware high school students. The Foundation provides scholarships that allow these aspiring artists to explore their creativity and artistic skills. This exhibition features 50 works of art in a variety of media and includes drawings by high school students who have participate... Read More

Creative Powers: Selections from Art AbilityMarch 9, 2013 - May 26, 2013

Art Ability is an annual juried exhibition held at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Malvern, PA, that showcases art created by people with a wide variety of disabilities. This wide-ranging Outlooks exhibition features over 40 works of art in a variety of media—drawing, painting, sculpture, photography—from accomplished and emerging artists who have exhibited in the 2012 Art Ability exhibition. G... Read More

The Aesthetic Moment: The Art of Still LifeSeptember 1, 2012 - January 6, 2013

This eleven-artist Outlooks exhibition features 48 still-life paintings diverse in color and texture. The artists’ proportions and perspectives vary widely, and the still-life shapes range from densely clustered to sparsely arranged. Paul DuSold is the guest curator for this exhibition, which is part of the Museum’s Outlooks Exhibition Series. Beaver Skull, 1997 Renée P. Foul... Read More

Beyond Words: The Symbolic Language of PlantsFebruary 4, 2012 - July 29, 2012

This exhibition features approximately 40 works of art by 17 artists known as Studio 155, a group of Washington, D.C.- based artists who work together and individually to expand their visions of the natural world through botanical art. Part of the Museum’s Outlooks Exhibition Series, this exhibition will feature images of plants based on the historical symbolism of plants throughout hist... Read More

In the Spirit of Tradition: The Studio GroupDecember 3, 2011 - January 15, 2012

This exhibition will present a variety of works by members of The Studio Group, Inc., an association of artists founded in Wilmington in 1935. After first renting a part of the former Howard Pyle Studios from then owner Stanley Arthurs, an illustrator and student of Pyle’s, the Group was able to purchase the property in 1968. Howard Pyle had received international acclaim for his work as... Read More

Creativity Multiplied: Art Teachers of the Christina School DistrictJune 25, 2011 - August 21, 2011

Creativity Multiplied: Art Teachers of the Christina School District, part of the Museum’s Outlooks Exhibition Series, will feature works in various media by a number of art teachers of the Christina School District. This exhibition will highlight the artistic imagination and unity of purpose that inspires this group, fostering the flow of creativity from teachers to students. Rosemary Lane, an ... Read More


Outlooks exhibitions must be comprised of original works of art, rather than artifacts or historical materials. Exhibitions should fall into one of three main categories:

  1. conceptualized and designed around a theme, such as cultural identity
  2. focused on a particular artistic media or genre
  3. created to represent an organized group

The Museum accepts proposals for Outlooks exhibitions on an ongoing basis. Applicants must complete the Application Form (below), provide all requested materials, and attend a meeting with the Museum staff who will assist with the exhibition.

Proposals for one-person exhibitions will NOT be considered. Exhibitions of living artists must feature the work of three or more artists, and must have an impartial selection process.

Exhibitions must have only one designated coordinator to serve as Museum contact person for the project.

Organizer must submit an Application Form and the required supporting materials.

Space Considerations
Exhibitions will be assigned appropriate space in the Museum, with a maximum of 140 linear feet, painted white with track lighting.

Installation and Breakdown
Museum staff will install and break down exhibitions and all related materials.

Delivery and Removal
Delivery and removal of all works in the exhibition on an assigned date, and all associated costs, are the responsibility of the designated coordinator.

Who May Apply
Individuals and groups who live or work in Delaware and the region may apply.  Examples include community groups, school groups, organized artists’ groups, and non-profit organizations.

Who May Not Apply
Individuals and groups seeking one-person exhibitions; dealers; and for-profit commercial entities may not apply.


The Museum has final approval for all works selected for exhibition, and for any work not represented in the proposal.

The Museum will approve and if necessary edit all written materials provided by the designated coordinator of an exhibition.

The Museum will provide a detailed series of deadlines to the designated coordinator once an exhibition has been approved.

Press Release: The Museum will write and circulate a press release based on text and images (minimum 300 dpi) supplied by the designated coordinator, provided material is received by the Museum two months ahead of the exhibition’s opening date.

Members Newsletter: The Museum’s bi-monthly newsletter will include a short overview of the exhibition, provided text and images (minimum 300 dpi) are supplied by the designated curator three months in advance of the exhibition’s opening date.

Website: Once text and images are supplied and approved, the exhibition will appear on the Museum’s website. The designated coordinator may request links to related websites, such as that of the organization or artists represented in the exhibition.

Advertising: The Museum does not pay for or place advertising for Outlooks exhibitions. Any ads created independently must be approved by the Museum.

Printed Materials
Invitations and printed materials:  The Museum does not send invitations to Outlooks exhibitions. Any invitations prepared by the designated coordinator must be approved and if necessary edited by the Museum before they are sent or published in any form.

  The Museum does not publish any catalogs, guides, brochures, or announcements of Outlooks exhibitions. Any such publications prepared by the designated coordinator must be approved and if necessary edited by the Museum before they are published in any form.

Cash bar receptions are available for purchase through the Museum’s Special Events department for standard rental and catering fees.

Other Exhibition-Related Events

Applicants may propose an educational component as part of the exhibition, such as a gallery talk by organizers or artists during open hours. Such events, if approved, will be scheduled in conjunction with Museum staff in consideration of existing Museum programs.


Click here for the Call for Entries document.


Click here for the application form.


Click here to see the gallery space where Outlooks exhibitions are installed.


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Mary F. Holahan
Curator of Collections/Curator of Illustration
Direct line: 302.351.8505
E-mail: mholahan@delart.org

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