Supply Lists

See below for a list of classes that require supplies.

All Ceramics Classes: Clay and tools are available for purchase in class. If students have existing tools they are welcome to bring them.

All Jewelry Making classes: Supplies will be discussed on the first day of class.

Watercolor Fun

  • 4 sheets 12” x 16”
  • Blue painters tape
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Assortment of watercolor brushes
  • Set of watercolor paints
  • Rice paper will be available for purchase in class for $1

Painting en Plein Air

  • travel easel or portable painting set up
  • 12”x16” disposable palette
  • Palette knife
  • 11”x14” and 16”x20 pre stretched canvas or canvas boards
  • Jar with lid for odorless mineral spirits
  • Odorless Mineral Spirits
  • Viva Paper Towels
  • Brushes: #2 Filbert bristle brush , #4 Filbert bristle brush, #6 filbert bristle brush, #8 filbert bristle brush
  • Paint: 200ml Titanium white, 37ml Burnt Sienna, 37ml Burnt Umber, 37ml Sap Green, 37ml Cadmium Red Hue, 37ml Cadmium, Yellow Pale hue, 37ml Cerulean Blue Hue, 37ml French Ultramarine Blue, 37ml Permanent Green Light, 37ml Viridian Green Hue, 37ml Alizarin Crimson, 37 ml Paynes gray


  • Blending and Glazing Medium
  • Palette Cup
  • Sta-wet Palette Seal
  • Brushes: #1 filbert bristle, #1 round #00 round white nylon brush, #2,4,6,8 bright nylon brushes, #2 white nylon or sable fan brush

Painting Seascapes

Supplies will be discussed on the first day of class.

  • 3 canvas panels, 5”x7”
  • 1 canvas, 12”x16” or 14”x18”
  • Oil paints
  • Disposable palette
  • Brushes
  • Medium
  • Small jar of turpenoid
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Rags


  • watercolor paper
  • watercolors set –(i.e. Sketcher’s Pocket Box Set/Field Set/Compact Set).
  • watercolor brushes
  • plastic containers
  • pencil, eraser, old sketchbook/paper
  • things we may use during the second class: toothbrush, liquid masking fluid, salts, 2 ft. of plastic wrap, old white candle or white crayon, an old dull knife or palette knife, tape, sponge, paper towel or tissues, q-tips and rubbing alcohol (all optional)
  • color wheel (optional)
  • hair dryer (optional)

Drawing and Painting

For the first day of class (for both classes) bring:

  • Stick charcoal
  • 18 x 24 drawing pad
  • Erasers (both kneaded and rubber)
  • ½” thick charcoal
  • Compressed charcoal
  • Drawing board

Additional supplies will be discussed on the first day of class.


  • drawing paper
  • sketchbook
  • sketching set :
  • vine charcoal (soft)
  • compressed charcoal or charcoal pencils and/or conte crayon
  • graphite pencils
  • kneaded eraser
  • white plastic eraser
  • pencil sharpener
  • blending stump, soft bristle paintbrush (optional)
  • chamois or soft cloth (old t-shirt)
  • workable spray fixative (optional)