6 weeks. SLR digital camera is preferred, or a digital camera with a manual shooting mode. Access to a computer and printer is needed.

Course Skill Level Key: See the symbol(s) at the end of each course description to determine the recommended skill level for students. Most classes are open to artists of all skill levels. Teenagers age 15 and up are eligible to register for adult classes.

b_beginner = Beginner
e_some_experience = Some Experience
i_intermediate = Intermediate
a_advanced = Advanced
l_all_levels = All Levels


Digital Photography

Wednesdays, June 18 – July 23
6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
$150 Members, $175 Non-Members
Kathleen Buckalew

Students of all levels will develop fundamental technical skills for digital cameras. Basics such as how to determine a proper exposure, use of depth of field, and what goes into a well-composed image will be covered.

b_beginner e_some_experience