Art Excursions Programs and Activities for Community Groups and Organizations

Outreach presentations are currently booked to capacity. We will be redesigning the current offerings and able to accept new requests in fall of 2017.

Glory of Stories (pre-K – Grade 2)
This fun and interactive program invites participants to listen to a story, discuss two or three works of art, and complete a simple art project. Books include My Many Colored Days (Dr. Seuss), Chameleon’s Colors (Chisato Tashiro), A Piece of Chalk (Jennifer A. Ericsson), The Big Orange Splot (D. Manus Pinkwater), Roger the Jolly Pirate (Brett Helquist), and Mouse Paint (Ellen Stoll Walsh).

Meet the Museum!
Discover the role an art museum plays in the community and the importance of artists who document the human experience. Participants will review the many responsibilities of Museum staff, learn different museum and art terms, and discuss the importance of museum manners.

Face to Face
What can you learn from a portrait? A portrait can tell us a great deal about the life and times of the subject. This program informs participants on the genre of portraiture, discussing various uses of a portrait and how the artist presents the subject using surroundings, clothing, facial expressions, and gesture.

Create Your Own Art Excursion!
The Delaware Art Museum presents Art Excursion programs as well as customized art activities at various locations and events throughout the community.  Presentations have included, but are not limited to art activities at community centers, festivals and events, afterschool programs, and school events.

 To inquire and schedule a visit, submit a request form or contact outreach@delart.orgAvailability is limited. Prices vary.