Art Excursions

100_0402 The Delaware Art Museum’s popular outreach program, Art Excursions, engages youth throughout the region with the Museum. Art Excursions are held at local libraries, Head Start centers, and public, private, and charter schools. For students in pre-K through Grade 5, we seek to introduce each class to the museum world as well as to the Delaware Art Museum’s permanent collection and special exhibitions. Presentations engage youth in interactive exercises that help them experience art in a personal way, encouraging exploration, discovery and multiple ways of identifying with a work of art.For more information about program themes or scheduling an outreach visit, click here or send an e-mail to


Meet the Museum!
Discover the role an art museum plays in the community and the importance of artists who document the human experience. Students will review the many responsibilities of Museum staff, learn different museum and art terms, and discuss the importance of museum manners. This program is a great pre-visit activity for a class planning a field trip to the Delaware Art Museum.

The Artist’s Language
Artists use line, color, texture, and shape to create their works. This program will discuss these basic elements of design and how they work together as a visual language. Students will learn how artists use color to convey mood and will be able to differentiate between organic and geometric shapes.

Glory of Stories (for pre-K – Grade 2)
This fun and interactive program invites students to listen to a story, discuss two or three works of art, and complete a simple art project. Books include My Many Colored Days (Dr. Seuss), Chameleon’s Colors (Chisato Tashiro), A Piece of Chalk (Jennifer A. Ericsson), The Big Orange Splot (D. Manus Pinkwater), Roger the Jolly Pirate (Brett Helquist), and Mouse Paint (Ellen Stoll Walsh).

Face to Face
What can you learn from a portrait? A portrait can tell us a great deal about the life and times of the subject. This program informs students on the genre of portraiture, discussing various uses of a portrait and how the artist presents the subject using surroundings, clothing, facial expressions, and gesture.

Painting with Words
Language Arts and Visual Arts come together in this fun program! Using art as a springboard, students build their vocabularies and stretch their imaginations by creating poems or stories. The class will also be introduced to the Museum?s interactive website, The Art of Storytelling:

* Each program is approximately 60 minutes in length and includes an art or writing activity. The content (both artwork and information) of each program offering will be adjusted according to the age & learning level of the audience. Each program will use technology. Museum staff will bring a digital projector and laptop to the classroom. School/Organization must be able to provide a screen and extension cord.


One Time Visit Within 50 miles of the Museum $80
Beyond 50 miles of the Museum $120
Multiple Presentations* Within 50 miles of the Museum $80 for first presentation of day; $40 each for subsequent presentations
Beyond 50 miles of the Museum $120 for first presentation of the day; $60 each for subsequent presentations

*For groups that would like to schedule multiple presentations on one day, there is a 50% discount for each subsequent presentation.

If you would like to schedule an outreach presentation, click here, download a PDF version here, or send an e-mail


“This was a very enriching experience for our students which further solidified their knowledge of the elements of art and how they are used in art pieces. It also gave them a taste of the Museum without having actually physically going to the Museum. EXCELLENT presentation.”

“I enjoyed the presentation and my students were engaged and interested in learning more about the artwork!”


This program is made possible, in part, by grants from the Delaware Division of the Arts, a state agency dedicated to nurturing and supporting the arts in Delaware, in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts. del_div_arts_logo


This program is made possible by Delaware Art Museum Council and Target.

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