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Accessioned: Gift of Sharon S. Galm, Susan S. Leggett, Henrietta Wireman Shuttleworth, and James F. Remington
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Biography of Katharine Richardson Wireman
Scope and Contents Note
Description of the files

Katharine Richardson was born in Philadelphia in 1878, the daughter of Dr. Eliot Richardson, a descendant of the Richardson silversmiths, and Achsah Willis Nevins.  She studied with Howard Pyle at Drexel in 1899 and then lived in Germantown as part of the close-knit group of women who had studied with Pyle and then pursued careers in illustration. Her work, like that of these others (Elizabeth Shippen Green, Charlotte Harding, Sarah Stilwell Weber, Wuanita Smith, and Ida Dougherty, for example) was characterized by a decorative quality. She did illustrations, including covers, for Country GentlemanScribner’sLadies’ Home JournalSaturday Evening Post, and Collier’s. She was married to Henry F. Wireman.

Taken from Elzea, Rowland and Elizabeth H. Hawkes, eds. A Small School of Art: The Students of Howard Pyle. Wilmington: Delaware Art Museum, 1980.

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The Katharine Richardson Wireman archives collection consists of correspondence, advertisements, exhibition catalogs, book and magazine illustrations, newspaper clippings and photographs given by the family of Katharine Richardson Wireman, as well as items collected by the Library.

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Box 1

  1. Biographical information
  2. Book illustrations (photocopies)
    The Bird’s Christmas Carol by Kate Douglas Wiggin
    (see also GEN PZ7 .W63 Bi 1912)
    The Children’s Story Caravan by Anna Pettit Broomell
    (see also GEN PZ5. B788 Ca 1935)
    The Children’s Story Garden by Anna Pettit Broomell
    (see also GEN PZ5 .B788 Ch 1920)
    Winter Roses by Agnes Vollmar (upper and lower covers)
  3. Child Life
    Covers: March 1946, May 1946, July 1946, September 1946
    “The Willow Whistle” (photocopy)
  4. Correspondence
    Carl I. Henrikson to KRW, April 18, 1922
    Ada M. Shaw (The Farmer’s Wife) to KRW, July 23, 1924 (photocopy)
    Ada M. Shaw (The Farmer’s Wife) to KRW, July 29, 1924 (photocopy)
  5. The Country Gentleman
  6. Cream of Wheat advertisements
  7. Crisco advertisements
  8. Exhibition materials for “So Beautifully Illustrated”: Katharine Richardson Wireman and the Art of Illustration (Delaware Art Museum, October 6, 2012 – January 6, 2013)
  9. The Farm Journal
  10. The Farmer’s Wife illustrations (photocopies)
    “An Early Spring” by Elsie Singmaster (March 1923)
    “Letters to Pat” by M. Jessie Leitch (March 1923)
    “Letters to Pat” by M. Jessie Leitch (April 1923)
    “Your House” by Margaret B. Shipp (September 1923)
    “Peace Came to Her at Christmas” by Alta Booth Dunn (December 1923)
    “Bread for the World” by Helen Topping Miller (February 1924)
    “Her Heavenly Foolishness” by Isabella Griffith Fleck (March 1924)
    “A Block for Friendship” by Gertrude West (June 1924)
    “Come On! Let’s Play in the Attic” by Alice Wilson (October 1924)
    “Their Christmas Mother” by Charlotte Conkright Kinney (December 1924)
    “Three Times Three are Nine” by Isabel Richmond Hidy (February 1925)
    “The Spring Song” by Charlotte Conkright Kinney (May 1925)
    “With All My Worldly Goods” by Valma Clark (June 1925)
    “Operating on Tony” by Marguerite Murphy (July 1925)
  11. Harper’s Monthly Magazine (photocopy)
  12. Ivory Soap advertisements
  13. Ivory Soap booklets
  14. The Ladies’ Home Journal (photocopies)
  15. Providence Lithograph Company
  16. “The Salties, or, Nat and Sal in International Land” by David B. Arndt (Scranton, PA: International Salt Company, nd)
  17. Scribner’s Magazine (photocopies)
    “The Rubber Stamp” by Georgia Wood Pangborn (September 1911)
  18. Sunshine and Shadows: A Biography of Katharine Richardson Wireman by Henrietta Wireman Shuttleworth (Riverton, New Jersey: Richardson Press, 2000) Gift of Henrietta Wireman Shuttleworth, May 2001
  19. DVD of wedding of

Box 2 
The Ladies Home Journal
August 1902 (interior illustrations for “Mrs. Ralston’s Chat”)
October 1902 (interior illustrations for “Mrs. Ralston’s Chat” and “When We Are No Longer Young”)
December 1902 (interior illustrations for “Mrs. Ralston’s Chat” and “The Grandmother at Christmas-Time”)
February 1903 (interior illustrations)
March 1903 (interior illustrations for “The Council Chamber,” “Mrs. Ralston’s Chat About Clothes,” and “Little Men and Little Women”)
May 1903 (interior illustrations for “Mrs. Ralston’s Chat About Summer Clothes” and “The Baby, the Little Men and Little Women”)
July 1903 (interior illustrations for “Mrs. Ralston’s Chat About Summer Clothes”)
August 1903 (interior illustrations for “From the Kindness of Our Friends,” “Mrs. Ralstons’ Chat on the Economical Care of Summer Clothes,” and “Little Men and Women in Their School Clothes”)
September 1903 (interior illustrations for “Mrs. Ralston’s Chat on the Paris Fashions” and “Little Men and Women in Their Autumn Clothes”)
October 1903 (interior illustrations for “What Women of Millions Do With Their Cast-Off Clothes,” “Pretty Girl Papers’” and “Mrs. Ralston’s Chat”)
December 1904 (interior illustrations for “The Lady from Philadelphia,” “Chocolates and Christmas Secrets,” and “Mrs. Ralston’s Chat About Christmas Clothes”)
January 1905 (cover)
March 1906 (interior illustrations for Pretty Girl Papers”)
July 1906 (interior illustrations for “Vacation Games for Children,” “Mrs. Ralston’s Chat About Children’s Clothes,” and Ivory Soap advertisement)
April 1909 (advertisement for “How to Bring Up a Baby” and interior illustrations for “The Young Mother’s Guide” and “How to Make an Old-Fashioned Garden”)

Box 3
Oversize Materials

The American Needlewoman (cover, August 1925)

The American Woman (cover, April 1922)

The Country Gentleman
July 22, 1916 (interior illustration for “The Back-Door Play Pen”)
September 23, 1916 (interior illustration for “Things That Help”)
September 30, 1916 (interior illustrations for “Company Coming”)
December 16, 1916 (cover)
June 9, 1917 (cover)
September 15, 1917 (cover)
March 15, 1919 (cover)
May 17, 1919 (cover
November 8, 1924 (cover)
December 1933 (interior illustrations for “The Country Gentlewoman”)
November 1937 (interior illustrations for “Wool Conscious”)

Cream of Wheat advertisements (2)

Farm and Home (cover, April 1920)

Ivory Soap advertisements (16)

Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly Newspaper (cover, December 2, 1915)

Merrily, Merrily! (2 copies)

Modern Priscilla

People’s Popular Monthly
May 1922 (cover)
July 1922 (cover)

The Youth’s Companion
February 4, 1909 (interior illustrations for “Children’s Page”)
May 6, 1909 (interior illustrations for “Children’s Page”)
April 14, 1910 (interior illustrations for “Children’s Page”)

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