Drawing and Painting

May 7, 2014 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
$220 Members, $245 Non-Members
Eo Omwake

Wednesdays, April 16 – June 4 (8 weeks)

Offering a clear step-by-step approach to drawing and painting, students of all levels will progress according to their own interests and needs. Art history and theory will be discussed and inform students’ work.

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If you want to start with basic drawing:

  • 18X24″ charcoal pad
  • pencil
  • stick charcoal
  • eraser
  • reg yellow pencil

If you want to paint right away:

You will need a canvas. 18×24″ would be good. If you don’t have any brushes you should get small, medium, and large bristle flat brushes. It would be good to have a small med and large rounds also. If you can get a full compliment of paints get: either acrylic or oils is ok.

  • cad orange
  • cad yellow
  • cad red
  • ulramarine blue
  • black
  • white
  • burnt umber brown
  • permanent green
  • yel ocre
  • raw sienna
  • thalo green (viridian)

If you need to cut down on paints for economic reasons, you can start with just the white, black, brown.

  • some rags (cloth preferrable)
  • a few paint cups
  • a palette
  • a medium (can skip at first but will need later)

This should set you up pretty nicely for the first class. if you need anything else you can pick it up later.