Art is After Dark: Winter Arts Festival

December 12, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Free for Members, $8 in advance or $10 at the door for Non-Members

Celebrate the holiday season at the Museum! Finish up (or start!) your holiday shopping with 19 diverse artisans, tour festive works in the collection, and enjoy a blend of holiday and pop music performed by the University of Delaware’s a cappella group Vocal Point. Cash bar and snacks available.

**The Museum Store will be open Friday, December 12 from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. From December 17 through December 24, all Museum Members receive a 20% discount in the Store (regular discount for Museum Members is 10%).**


ButlerN2 Nancy Butler, Alley Cat Jewelry Studios
Handcrafted beaded jewelry
A life-long jewelry artist, Nancy designs and handcrafts one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry. Her necklaces, bracelets, and earrings feature semi-precious stones, pearls, crystal, lamp-work, and Czech glass with accents and findings made of sterling silver, vermeil, copper, base metal, and lead-free pewter. When designing jewelry, Nancy allows each piece to develop naturally, taking inspiration from the beads themselves.

Angela Colasanti, VIELA Jewelry, Ltd.
You can see traces of the walking trail or beachcombing in Angela’s jewelry. Drawing on her love of delicate objects from both land and sea, Angela designs and handcrafts jewelry, sometimes embellishing her detailed metal replications of natural elements with gemstones and pearls. Angela’s jewelry accentuates the intrinsic beauty, grace, and elegance of its inspirational components.

Karyn Warner Hammock
Art jewelry & mixed metal clocks
Karyn is a jewelry artist, clockmaker, and instructor. Inspired by nature and pattern, Karyn works to bring texture and balance to both art forms, while respecting the boundaries of her materials and a desire to create wearable jewelry and functional clocks. Reflecting a “jeweler’s touch,” precious gemstones and freshwater pearls find their way into many of Karyn’s designs.

Rebekah Helton
Rebekah acknowledges that black and white, nature, and architecture are what she loves the most. Her photos—also reflecting a love of travel, the comforts of home, and interesting people—open your eyes to innovative views and peaceful moments. Rebekah invites you to travel with her and explore her captured settings through her prints.

Maureen Kamerick
Hand-dyed silk accessories
For the past 20 years, Maureen has worked exclusively in silk, making one-of-a-kind silk scarves and shawls. Maureen begins by dying the silk using techniques like Ikat, discharge, and overdying. She then transforms the silk through hand-weaving, creating textures and patterns. Maureen finds inspiration in today’s fashion and fabrics, but also by studying the richness of antique and ethnic textiles.

Maria Keane
Abstract paintings
At first glance, Maria’s monoprints and artworks appear abstract, but upon further inspection, one sees hints of a narrative in her vivid palette and lively brushwork. Her array of artworks will invite you to inquire about the process of creation as well as the source of inspiration. Maria has received many honors as an artist, teacher, and poet.

Diane Treacy Keesee
Handpainted silk, handpainted silk scarves
Diane has worked with many big names in the industry—from Broadway costume designers to authors and designers—to develop her silk dying artistry. Using her background in fine arts, photography, and culinary training, Diane experiments with her dyes, techniques, and designs. While Diane’s scarves beg to be worn, they would also be beautiful as a framed work of art.

Meg Kennedy
Book Arts
Meg is a book artist, calligrapher, and teacher. Using color, shape, texture and size, her book artistry marries form and design, inviting viewers to engage with her pages. Updating binding styles that span the 4th through the 18th centuries and using papers from around the world, Meg offers an assortment of books in various sizes that will inspire artists, journal-keepers, and lovers of the written word.

Pam Levin, Nivell Jewelry
Silver and leather jewelry
Pam creates sterling silver and leather jewelry with high quality semi-precious stones mined from all over the world. Her leather collection features bold colors, textures, and a wide variety of luxurious leathers. Pam’s refreshing style exudes simple elegance by transforming her materials into smooth, modern, and clean lines. Pam firmly believes even the simplest of designs can make a dramatic statement.

Mitch Lyons
Clay monoprints and pots
Mitch Lyons’ name is synonymous with clay printing—a unique technique of printmaking that he invented over 40 years ago and continues to innovate. Widely respected and collected, Mitch’s work can be found in both public and private collections. With his propensity to reinvent his art form, it will be a treat to see what clay prints and pottery he brings to our events.

Leslie Marsh
Book Arts
With a strong focus on nature and vintage material, Leslie’s books combine surprising elements into a framework of personal expression. Using centuries-old binding techniques, Leslie’s one-of-a-kind books beg to be filled with memories, snapshots, and inner thoughts. Whether you buy one to hang from your neck or go on a coffee table, you’ll want one for yourself and one for a special friend.

Jane Kavanagh Morton
Ceramic sculpture
Jane’s ceramic sculptures are reflections of her life and that includes a fascination with people, the comforts of home, and a strong connection to her Irish roots. Jane’s works—ranging from vases and vessels to small decorative houses and heads—are created through the process of slab making and coil building. Each sculpture tells a story and provides evidence of the handmade process.

Diane Podolsky
Linocuts, etchings, and monotypes
Diane is a printmaker and teaching artist from Philadelphia who specializes in hand-pulled linocuts, etchings, and monoprints. Each of Diane’s prints is a unique and original signed piece of art. Although Diane might print the same image multiple times, no two are alike due to the hand application of her inks and the printing process—either on an etching press or rubbed by hand.

Kathy Robinson
Batik & hand-dyed silk wearables
Kathy’s designs begin by determining the shape of each garment, focusing on styles that will flatter and move with the body. Preferring sheer silks like chiffon and organza, she combines multiple dye-baths with a “painterly” method of batik to produce each original piece. Whether her silk masterpieces are worn or displayed on a wall—as happens in some cases—she hopes they are simply enjoyed.

MARZBAGZ by Marlene Sontchi
Fabric art handbags
Every MARZBAG handbag is unique in its design and creation, with as much attention given to the inside as the outside. Fine fabrics, creative embellishments, unique textures, customized embroidery, and personal creativity make each bag a statement of functionality AND art! For Marlene, the design is important, but the art is in the details.

John A. Styer
Turned wood
John creates his turned-wood heirlooms using local wood species as well as exotics from throughout the world. From Brazilian Rosewood to English Walnut, and from Cherry Burls to Poison Ivy vines, he brings the most visually appealing aspects of wood to the surface in an eclectic assortment of work, ranging from aesthetically utilitarian to purely artistic.

Marcie Tauber
Glass artist
Marcie’s fused glass creations range from functional household vessels to decorative masterpieces. A Delaware By Hand Master and award-winning artisan, Marcie’s glassworks reflect a fascination with color and its interplay with light, as well as a judicious sense of decorative elements. Always evolving, Marcie continues to learn and explore new and creative ways of working with glass.

Beth Trepper
Fine art photography
To Beth, creating photographic images is as natural as breathing. While her subjects include fine art, portraiture, fashion, landscape, and epicurean still lifes, her style ranges from contemporary to vintage to playful. Influenced by Stieglitz, Kasebier, and Strand, Beth often uses natural light, a soft focus, and traditional film to create her timeless photographs.

Amy Valuck
Stained glass
Honored by the American Glass Guild, Amy is a master of stained glass. To create her unique designs, she uses traditional methods of glass painting and glazing, along with newer and more experimental techniques, such as fusing and lamination. Amy’s designs range from familiar subjects, such as flowers and birds, to abstract dances of vibrant color. Amy Valuck Glass Art on facebook


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