Who is the Council?

In 1967, a women’s committee was organized and the first formal meeting of the Museum Council of the Delaware Art Museum were held. The Council’s primary purpose remains the same: to support the mission of the Delaware Art Museum.

The Council, the Museum, and the Museum’s Trustees thank the Council’s presidents and officers for consistently achieving that purpose for more than 40 years.

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Barbara Goetz

2016-2017 Executive Board

Barbara Goetz, President
Janet Huntsberger, First Vice President
Rita Fisk/ Dushanka Keane, Second Vice President
Debbie Horak, Treasurer
Marie Sorber, Assistant Treasurer
Lore Evans, Corresponding Secretary
Becky Rosen, Recording Secretary
Sandee Carberry, Business Secretary
Connie Malin, Parliamentarian & By-Laws
Becky Rosen, Docent Representative
Sheila Mugabei, Member at Large
Susan Grossman, Past President

Council Members

*Phyllis W. Aerenson
*Nancy G. Andersen
*Virginia Appleby (Ginny)
*Josephine M. Bayard
*Reita D. Bewley
Sandra Carberry
Theresa Christian (Terry)
Arlene R. Delaney
Joyce Dinsel
Rita Fisk
Lisa Franke
105 Chandler Lane
*Sally Gakenheimer
Barbara Goetz
Susan Grossman
Melinda Hardie
Deb Horak
Janet Huntsberger
*Lee M. Kallos
Anne Kauffman
Dushanka G. Keane
Margaret Scott Kincannon
Danna Levy
*Jean B. Lewis
Connie Malin
Marie G. Marx
*Elisabeth Metzner (Betty)
Theresa Morrissey
Harriett Mueller
*Claire Murray
Bette Neuman
Barbara Noseworthy
*Emma M. Roe (Pinkie)
Becky Rosen
Catharine W. Scarborough
Dorothy Sharkey
*Marion A. Simeral
Marian B. Simpson
Roberta Yarker Smith
Suzanne M. Smith
*Lena E. Sokola
Marie Sorber
Cecilia Stoeckicht
Kim Sullivan
*Betty G. Wagner
Mary Walsh
Elizabeth Firestone Wehle
Ann Whitehead
Andrea H. Williams
*Sustaining Member