What does the Council do?

As a Council Member with active status, one of the most rewarding aspects of membership is performing 25 hours of volunteer services for the Museum each year. There are a variety of volunteering options for Council Members to choose from, including the following:

  • Assisting in the Museum’s Helen Farr Sloan Library
  • Assisting in the Museum’s Education Department
  • Assisting in the Museum’s Development and Marketing Department
  • Participating as a greeters for events hosted by the Museum on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons
  • Participating in the December Phone-A-Thon
  • Serving on various Council Planning Committees
  • Serving as a Mentor
  • Serving on the Council Executive Board
  • Participating in fund-raising projects sponsored by the Council

Council Membership: Getting involved

The Delaware Art Museum Council welcomes new members, both male and female, of all ages who are interested in actively supporting the mission of the Museum. Requirements for Council Membership include membership to the Delaware Art Museum, attendance to a minimum of four (4) general council meetings each year, serving on at least one committee, and contributing at least twenty-five (25) hours to the Museum and/or Council each year.

To learn more about becoming a Museum Council Member, please contact Ms. Barbara Noseworthy (Membership Chair) at jnosewor@comcast.net. Potential Members are encouraged to attend meetings and “interview” current Members.

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Museum Council Office

This office is not staffed. Your telephone messages will be returned by a member of the Executive Committee.