Going Green

The Delaware Art Museum strives to leave as small a footprint on the environment as possible. These are some of the ways the Museum is “going green”:

  • Use of a state of the art Building Automation System (BAS) to be as efficient as possible with building heating and cooling demands.
  • Implementation of heating and cooling setbacks in non-critical areas to reduce energy consumption.
  • Installation of thermal window film on all windows that reduces heat load through the windows by 55% (less cooling required for the building).
  • Specified efficiency rating of over 80% on our new boilers and chillers to reduce wasted energy.
  • Use of compact fluorescent lighting throughout the building where appropriate.
  • Use of Energy Star® rated equipment throughout.
  • Implementation of a paper recycling program that collects and recycles over 2.5 tons of paper annually, which saves over 40 trees a year.
  • Use of post-consumer paper product.
  • Use of automated lighting controls on most interior and all exterior lighting to reduce waste.
  • Use of automated water faucets to reduce water consumption.